Dr. Ethan Raath

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Coaching and Consulting


Guidance for executive and rising leaders who want to be poised, focused, confident, skillful, and achieve better results. I provide guidance in evaluating and developing your leadership abilities, setting goals for improvement, and implementing measurable action plans.

"As a coach and strategist, my aim is to prompt leaders to discover solutions for their needs, while providing practical guidance and learning as needed. What people have said about my style – approachable, professional, caring, comforting, encouraging, challenging, insightful, heartfelt, wise, approachable, impactful."


  • Individual: Optimal results are gained from extended coaching of 3-12 months shaped to individual need and desired outcomes. National & international.

  • Group: Benefit is gained from group coaching through guided discussion, and shared input, support, and accountability.

  • Payment for coaching can be through the organization or personally with tax benefits.


  • Developing practical abilities and inner capacities to achieve your high potential

  • Receiving honest, unfiltered feedback, which is often hard to find at the highest levels of an organization

  • Renewing focus, improving performance, and increasing productivity that benefits you as a leader, those you work with, and the success of your business

  • Achieving outcomes that include value-added relationships, enhanced communication, resolved conflicts, confident decision making, sharper performance, greater productivity, better potential

  • Implementing practical stress relief and resiliency solutions

  • Research on the effectiveness of coaching shows a significant return on financial investment

The Path

  • Phase One: Analysis
    Interpreting leadership profile
    Establishing developmental goals

  • Phase Two: Advancement
    Implementing leadership strategies
    Addressing current concerns

  • Phase Three: Assessment
    Reviewing progress and outcomes
    Setting future goals

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  • Leadership: Assessment of leadership dynamics to improve performance.

  • Culture: Measuring TEN FACTORS that contribute or take away from organizational health.

  • Conflict: Analysis, training, and mediation for better working relationships.

  • Transition: Managing leadership and organizational transitions for efficient implementation.


  • Training for more effective performance.

  • Consultation for improved productivity.

  • Improvement of team effectiveness.

  • NBI Personal Profile assessing leadership preferences.

Organizational Dynamics

  • Assessing leadership context and group culture.

  • Identifying areas for improved performance.

  • Developing effective collaboration with coworkers.

  • Mediating conflict for better working relationships.

  • Certified Mediator: Mediation Training Institute International.

  • Managing transition for efficient implementation.

Organizational Wellness

  • Measuring Ten Factors that have a definitive impact on the success and well-being of companies or organizations - Trust, Learning, Gratification, Language, Ownership, Energy, Change, Interaction, Creativity and Innovation, Communication.  Organizational Wellness

  • Gauging the degree to which these factors are contributing to or taking away from the "wellness" of your organization.

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