Dr. Ethan Raath

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Dr. Ethan Raath

Whole Brain Leadership

Coaching & Consulting

Empowering Leaders and Teams
Experience a blend of personal support and professional guidance to help you lead with greater satisfaction and success.

Highwire Leadership LLC

Distinctive Neethling Brain Instruments help leaders and teams uncover preferences

for work and life that lead you to greater satisfaction and higher performance.


An engaging and inspiring coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker,
with a heart for helping leaders, teams, and individuals rise to their full potential.

Better Balance, Better Relations, Better Performance, Better Results

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Consulting and Coaching with Ethan Raath

Coaching & Consulting

Trusted guide and confidant who:

  • Inspires your leadership

  • Listens deeply to your needs

  • Supports you in stressful times

  • Enhances your relationships

  • Assists your decision making

  • Nurtures your well-being

  • Sustains your effectiveness

  • Celebrates your successes



Whole Brain Empowerment

NBI™ Thinking Preference Profiles

  • Affirm personal and professional preferences for life and work

  • Heighten team cohesion for better communication, and collaboration

  • Balance team profiles for better performance and results

  • Develop and retain high potential leaders and team members


Training & Speaking

Training & Speaking

Coaching, consulting, training, workshops, retreats, and speaking services empowering:

  • Leadership growth

  • Team development

  • Employee relations

  • Communication skills

  • Self-care and resiliency

  • Organizational wellness OWI


Dr. Ethan Raath

"A Heart for Inspiring Leaders"      (2.5 minutes)
I have a heart for helping leaders stay vital and effective. This is a fulfillment of my life purpose to care for the human spirit as a companion and guide on the journey of life.