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Whole Brain Empowerment

Whole Brain Empowerment for Leaders and Teams

Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI)

The NBI 4&8 Dimension Profile identifies the thinking preferences that shape the way individuals live, work, and lead. Advantages of understanding your thinking profile include awareness of and sensitivity to the preferences of others, developing better relationships, improving team functioning, connecting with clients, and making effective decisions. This profile is also helpful in recruiting people with the right profile needed for the position and aligning people with work at which they will excel and be productive.

The NBI™ Thinking Preference Assessments are a powerful suite of profiles based on modern insights from the fields of neuroscience, creativity and psychology. These assessments help individuals, leaders, teams and organizations unlock their full potential.

The NBI™ is endorsed by Forbes Magazine: "11 Assessments Every Executive Should Take". Forbes Coaches Council, May 1, 2018.

• Affirms personal and professional preferences for life and work
• Heightens team cohesion, communication, coordination and collaboration
• Develops and retains highly effective leaders and team members
• Recruits and aligns people with the right profile for excelling in the position
• Balances team profiles for better performance and results

• Personal Profile Interpretations
• Leader Profile Consultations
• Partnership Profile Alignments
• Team Profile Trainings
• Organizational Cultural Wellness

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The Four Quadrants Explained

L1 Realist/Analyst (Top left quadrant)

  • L1 thinkers often fulfill analytical, technical, research, or financial functions. They are commonly objective, realistic people who like to dig deeper to find the essence of problems and solutions. They like to do things well, to avoid mistakes and to focus on the job at hand.

  • L1 thinkers are needed by organizations to process ideas, develop resources, and function well.

L2 Preserver/Organizer (Bottom left quadrant)

  • L2 thinkers are usually doers who prefer to follow procedures or a systematic approach. They are often organizers, are reliable and will persevere with a task.

  •   L2 thinkers are important to organizations as administrators, organizers and implementers.

R2 Socializer/Empathizer (Bottom right quadrant)

  • R2 thinkers are often people focused, caring, sensitive and team players.

  • R2 thinkers are important to organizations as communicators, in client service and as negotiators.

R1 Strategist/Imagineer (Top right quadrant)

  • R1 thinkers prefer big picture thinking, to probe and question, to function in more unstructured environments and to sometimes take risks.

  • R1 thinkers often function as strategists, designers, trendsetters and entrepreneurs.

Created by Dr. Kobus Neethling, founder of the Kobus Neethling Institute and President of the South African Creativity Foundation. Dr. Neethling is a world-renowned scholar and practitioner in the field of Creativity thinking. 

Additional NBI Profiles include: Relationships, Creativity, Career, Skills, Lifestyle, and more. Contact

Rise to higher heights with Whole Brain Empowerment for leaders and teams.
NBI Adult Profile Sample L
NBI Adult Profile Sample L
NBI Adult Profile Sample L

"Your presentation on the NBI Profile was very interesting and I know people really enjoyed being exposed to the system. I want to share the feedback I received about your presentation: Insight into new thinking patterns, a new perspective, insight into a valuable system not heard of before, understanding myself and my team, a different way to understand my strengths. This was a fantastic presentation. I see many possibilities for this instrument.

Janet. Boulder Area Human Resources Association

The NBI Leadership Inventory is an immensely helpful resource for individuals seeking to understand themselves and what motivates them. I found the NBI easy to use and interpret and perfectly suited for use by Human Resource professionals, mentors, executive coaches, career consultants, and any leader committed to developing a balanced team."

Vince Patton, HR Director and former non-profit executive

Dr. Ethan Raath is a NBI Certified Practitioner, licensed to provide and interpret NBI assessments.

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